Lets Make An Electro Pop Album

0/8 sold – 5 songs have been released as “ME THE MTN” on Spotify/itunes/etc. Listen there or listen on Open Seas to all 8 songs, Roadmap created, website creation begins.

1/8 sold – A Discord server will be setup and created, this is a new space for me so integrating holder verification will be added and it will be a place we can talk/communicate about the upcoming project. The majority of the 2eth from the initial sale will go into studio equipment, and paying for proper discord integration. Once 1 song sales, writing begins for the album.

*Discord will be where demos/clips from the writing process will land.

2/8 sold – MERCH! Stickers, shirts, and beanies will be designed and ordered. Holders of any of my 1/1 acoustic NFTs OR the Electronic project will all get a care package containing a shirt, beanie, and stickers (+ some other goodies tbd) (some of the acoustic NFT’s are available for .01eth!) These care packages will be free for current holders and the remaining 6 purchasers from this collection will receive them as well. A merch store will be created on my website for the general public to purchase.

3/8 sold – We will surpass the 5eth mark and the project will be off the ground and running THE ALBUM WILL BE RECORDED AND RELEASED!

5/8 sold – Music Video shoot in Las Vegas. Holders of the NFT will vote on which song to produce a music video for (out of the 8 NFTs), I will fly out to Las Vegas to produce/shoot a music video with some special friends 😉 If you’re able to get to Vegas during the shoot, we’ll have a hang out session meet up and you’ll have the opportunity to have a role in the music video.

6/8 sold – 2nd Trip to Vegas for a video shoot #2, we will be using one of the songs from the upcoming release that this project is funding (all members of discord will vote on which song I should release first/create a video for)

8/8 sold – Album release show will be booked with some other amazing artists. Holders of these original 8 NFT’s will have unlimited access to any future shows and VIP meet and greets.

ONCE ALL 8 SELL OUT, I WILL AIRDROP A NINTH SONG TO EVERY WALLET HOLDING THESE ORIGINAL 8 NFT’S, this song (as well as the 3 unreleased NFT’s that are available to purchase) will not be released anywhere else. They will be randomly assigned 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, etc. with DIFFERENT cover art for each song! So you will be getting the same song, but different artwork.