How the question “if I died today, would my daughter know the style of music I most enjoyed playing?” changed my life.

Me the Mountain is me. Mark Kephart. Hi. Nice to meet you. It started as an idea, a way to archive my playing, and then evolved into something so much more.

It spawned out of the “on the drive to work” thoughts of “if I died today, would my daughter know the style of music I most enjoyed playing?” I would spend hours in my basement growing up with an acoustic guitar and a loop station. I always liked creating in this style, I just pursued other music projects through my life like:

Mark Kephart (solo singer/songwriter/acoustic)
Contest the Crown (rock band vocals/songwriting/guitar)
Jukehouse Bombers (blues/rock band drums/songwriting)
Me the MTN (solo vocals/electronic/songwriting)

And now Journals (two-piece acoustic project, vocals/songwriting/guitar)

Back to Me the Mountain…

On a drive to work, the thought popped into my mind, “if I died today, would my daughter know the style of music I most enjoyed playing?” The answer was no, so I devised a plan to play/record a bunch of instrumental shows, that ended up turning into a bigger plan of video streaming > video archiving > audio archiving > podcast

So a thought on a 15 minute drive has turned into 8+ days of free instrumental music (and counting).

Here’s how that process works:

1 – Stream a live performance to
2 – Archive the live performance to Youtube (adding it to the playlist)
3 – Upload a downloadable MP3 to Soundcloud (also my podcast host)
4 – Podcast goes live on Apple Podcasts

Also, over the past 3 years I’ve released music on Spotify as singles (some with vocals, some instrumental)

1 – Full Album: Peace (1 hour of instrumental music)
2 – A 5 Song Christmas Instrumental EP
3 – 10 Instrumental Singles (guardian, trials, etched glass, oh man, summertime, podcast replacement track 1, success, eyes closed mind shut, traveling, the art of speaking)
3 – 4 Singles w/ Singing (Worth, Five, Legacy, Secrets)  

In addition to those two formats, I’ve started to work on and slowly release my first NFT project to be followed by two others.

  1. Me the Mountain One of Ones, Chill Acoustic Loops (9 available now from .005eth and up)
    1. 1 of 1 audio NFT’s with an Image I created (photos I’ve taken and edited)
  2. 12 Show to Change My Life
    1. 12 NFT’s that include a live performance (ON LOCATION, anywhere in the US)
    1. 1 for each month, so I’ll be performing one of my live streams, wherever the NFT holder wants (private event, etc.)
  3. Build a Loop Program
    1. I’ll have multiples of each NFT available at low cost coinciding with an effect, pedal, time signature, etc.
    1. Once someone collects 3 or more, they can use them to have me create a specific NFT for them, with the effects/time signatures/attributes of the NFTS they are trading in. They’ll get a 1 of 1 created specifically for them, and their NFTS will return to the “build your own 1 of 1 NFT program)


New NFTS are in the works.
New singles are in the works.
Live streaming planning is in the works.

Journals music is in the works.

I’ll see you in a live stream soon. In the meantime, feel free to reach out on any social network or listen to any of the current library of music from the links on this page:

If you’ve read this I’m assuming you have a little interest in my music or have listened to it, for that I’m grateful. I create because I love the creation process, I love the end result, and going through life with others who enjoy what I put out there in the universe is the ultimate feeling and I can’t thank you enough for it.

Peace, Hope, and Love.
-me the mountain

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