I’m creating a series of one off melodic loops and dropping them as NFT’s. I have a lot planned over the next few years and am excited to offer these exclusive pieces of music to individuals to have and hold. Unless I do a collaboration, all the artwork associated with the NFT’s is mine as well. I’ve been into photography + graphic design since high school (a long time ago) to go along side music creation and my love for live looping.


Musicians always want the “I want millions of people listening to my music.” My style of music, though it resonates well with most of the people exposed to it, isn’t ever going to be the next big thing. The NFT gives me an opportunity to create music for individuals to collect/listen to that is exclusive to them and their ownership, if you dig the art too, it’s bonus.

Over my lifetime I want to create a pile of these melodic acoustic guitar loops that are unique to themselves, and maybe the music of one will speak to you, maybe you dig the artwork, but either way I hope it will be something you want to have in your collection.

I’m excited to create more in this space and hope you enjoy it. Much love. -Me the Mountain

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